NEW FEATURE: press 'p' to switch between speeds (1x, 2x, 3x)! 

------- BEGIN FAQ -------

Q: What are you? // A: The Greenwarden

Q: What are your tools? // A: Trees, of course.

Q: Do trees hate fascists? // A: Trees, like all vegetal things, are socialists.  So yes.

Q: Wait, what? How do I play? // A: W,A,S,D to move, space to plant, z to select trees.

Q: I've planted trees, what do I do now? // A: You've got to hide behind the bush!  Then you can start the level.

Q: None of the keys do anything! // A: For whatever reason, you have to click on the game before it accepts keyboard input!  You'll have to click again if you put it in fullscreen, too.

------- END FAQ -------

Development log


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Fun idea for the theme, i just missed sounds/music.

Hah yeah sounds/music would be nice.

Nice! To be honest it's the first tower defense I played. It's nicely done, I like the fact that you gradually unlock more things, but I guess it something normal for the genre. Also great that you earn money for the next playthrough depending on your score.

Hey, thanks!  The unlocking is standard for the genre (as are most of the rest of the elements), but I think everything came together nicely.